Sweet Dreams Little Princess and Astro Boy

I don’t have kids…but if I did, this bedding would certainly be a future birthday or Christmas gift!

How fun are these? Created by a company called SNURK, which means “to snore” in Dutch.  Your kids are sure to welcome bedtime, while visions of becoming a princess or astronaut dance in their head.

If you’d like to know more about this princess bedding, check them out.

The designers are from Holland and their bedding is made in Portugal.  Portuguese cotton is equivalent (if not better) than Egyptian cotton.  Being of Portuguese descent, and having been to Portugal and bought  a LOT of linen there…that’s my somewhat biased opinion.

Sidenote: Land’s End and Eddie Bauer get their cotton and flannel from Portugal as well, so I can’t be that far off when saying Portuguese cotton rocks!

If you’d like to learn more about this Astro Boy bedding, check them out.

 The story of how this husband-and-wife-run company began is rather unique.  When one of them lost their job and feared being homeless and ‘living out of a paper box‘…the husband and wife duo were inspired with  their first creation and worked out a plan to donate 40% of the proceeds to go towards The Dutch Foundation for Homeless Youngsters. I ‘heart’ ingenious  philanthropic companies!  The design was that of a flattened out cardboard box (duvet cover + pillow), on a cobble stone street (fitted sheet).

As word of their charitable bedding got out…they expanded their line.  There’s even a version dedicated to Bob, their dog.

and not to leave out the cat-lovers, their cat Ollie also has a duvet. As the owner’s indicate on their site: “Ollie likes to keep your bed nice and warm. But what makes Ollie truly special is that people who suffer from the most severe cat allergy have no problems around him.”

If you’re interested in buying one of their creative designs, check them out…you will certainly go to sleep with a smile.

Sweet Dreams!

…stay tuned for a future post about “Buying bedding”…with so many options out there, I thought it would be useful to break it down.



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