The ‘Real’ Pantone Color of The Year For 2014 (and no, it’s not Dazzling Blue)

The 2014 Pantone Color of The Year is Radiant Orchid!

Well, well, well. 2014 is certain to be an excellent year for Decoreista! Why? ‘Cuz ‘Pinkurple’ (or Radiant Orchid as Pantone is choosing to call it) has been my all-time fave color for-absolute-ever!

Anyone who knows me–knows.

Even W Network got it wrong…if you check out their post…you’ll notice I added a comment re: their faux pas.  What they meant to write was Dazzling Blue is the Spring Color of The Year for 2014…and it looks like so:

Pantone Dazzling Blue

W Network isn’t the only source misquoting.  A quick search on Pinterest will also reveal a plethora of pins stating the same…but as you’ll see from the outline below (prepared by none other than Pantone themselves on behalf of WWD’s post), Dazzling Blue was the #1 color for Spring 2014!  The Pantone powers-that-be had not yet selected the Color of The Year…until ‘today!

Pantone Spring 2014 colors


I have been on a blogging sabbatical for several months (looking after so many other things on my plate these days)…but news of the Radiant Orchid 2014 Color of the Year brought me back!  I can’t wait to use this soothing color in my home staging and decorating projects.

…and while I can’t ever see myself doing an entire room in a monochromatic ‘pinkurple’ tone, I wouldn’t hesitate at being inspired by something like this:

Radiant Orchid bedroom

Source: Houzz

I can certainly see myself incorporating some of these furniture pieces/decor accessories (I hope they inspire you as they have me):

  Radiant Orchid carpet

Radiant Orchid lamp and pillow

Radiant Orchid bedRadiant Orchid bed sheets

Radiant Orchid hand soapRadiant Orchid candle

Radiant Orchid plateRadiant Orchid bowl

Radiant Orchid blanketRadiant Orchid area rug


Radiant Orchid Louis XVI chairRadiant Orchid candle 2

Find me on Polyvore…it’s where I found all these images.

OH…and if you happen to come across any ‘pinkurple’ inspired room settings or accessories, feel free to post them directly on my Facebook page!


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2 Responses to The ‘Real’ Pantone Color of The Year For 2014 (and no, it’s not Dazzling Blue)

  1. I wasn’t so sure of the color when I first saw it posted on Maria’s blog. I certainly like it better than last year’s color of the year, but I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to incorporate into decor until I read your post. You posted a lot of things that show me it can live happily in a home! Great blog! Glad you’re back!

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