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Our latest video features a dad and his girls, enjoying some family time, while depicting a day-in-the-life of this beautiful multi-million dollar home.  If you’re looking to sell your home and want to go above and beyond staging and virtual tours, give us a call…and give lifestyle videos a try!  Lifestyle videos are a great way for a home to get more visibility.


Why Buy A Condo…When You Can Own A Home?

Are you in the market for a home? Were you thinking ‘condo’…but dreaming of a ‘house’?

Well, check with your real estate agent, there are some truly hidden gems in the St. Clair Gardens area (St.Clair/Dufferin).  Close to TTC, kid-friendly…all for about the same cost as a condo (plus you get your own backyard)!

This 3 bedroom beauty with basement media room was staged by Decoreista…and our video production division TheHouseOfDecoreista produced this lifestyle real estate video!

If you would like us to stage your property and/or produce a customized lifestyle real estate video, please call or click:

E:  P: 416-807-1208.


What’s So Great About Lifestyle Real Estate Videos?

What’s So Great About Lifestyle Real Estate Videos?
Location, Location, Location…meets Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle!

Instead of writing what’s so special about “Lifestyle Real Estate Videos”…simply check out this video:

Earlier this year Decoreista Inc. launched a new division “TheHouseOfDecoreista.TV” which produces “lifestyle real estate videos” for Toronto and GTA based real estate agents and builders (and of course, we would be thrilled to work with clients outside our immediate area too).

After Decoreista stages a home, we produce a storyboard that showcases the home’s features and finishes and is engaging enough to inspire viewers to generate buzz about the spot and subsequently share it with friends and family via social media.  You can’t say ‘that’ about a typical 360°(almost always distorted) virtual tour.

We look forward to servicing your lifestyle real estate video needs! Serving Toronto, Greater Toronto Area…and beyond.

If you would like us to produce a lifestyle real estate video for your next project, call/click:

E:  P: 416-807-1208.

….and ACTION!

…and SOLD!


House of Decoreista TV premieres with editorial coverage in The Globe & Mail

At the start of 2014 I launched a new division under Decoreista, it’s my video production wing: The House of Decoreista. This division’s primary focus will be to produce Lifestyle Real Estate Videos (in Toronto and beyond) as a compliment to Decoreista’s staging and decorating services.  Basically, we can look after everything to do with marketing your home.

A Bit of History on Lifestyle Real Estate Videos…and Why I Decided To Start Producing Them

Lifestyle real estate videos are gaining popularity with social media savvy, real estate agents. Why? Well, because these videos have a greater likelihood of going viral compared to conventional real estate videos, which are typically comprised of still shots (usually distorted, wide-angle room shots that make the room appear larger—who are they kidding), all set to the backdrop of boring elevator music. Lifestyle real estate videos, feature characters that portray your target market and are an ideal way to set your property apart from the other listings (especially given Toronto’s booming condo market, where every suite comes with a similar view). What better way to stand apart than with a video…where your home is the star!

The first time I was exposed to Lifestyle Real Estate Videos was through an Australian firm by the name of Neo Property. Their videos are far more risqué than anything we’re likely to see in North America. Here’s are two examples  of their work (click on the word ‘two’ for one video and the word ‘example’ for the 2nd video).  One targeted to females, the other to males…so as to not offend either sex I suppose. It will be interesting to see how creative we can get in North America. I’m certainly up for the challenge.

This is our first lifestyle real estate video and it took place immediately after I staged the suite (you can view the before/after shots here). This particular condo is situated on King St. E at Parliament and we thought it would appeal to someone working in the Financial District. So, we hired an actor to play the part of a single dad and got the cameras rolling!

The Globe and Mail got wind that we were doing a lifestyle real estate video (via the listing agent Karyn Filiatrault) and promptly showed up while we were on set, filming. The Globe and Mail realize this is a movement in the real estate industry and ended up writing a 2 page story in the Friday, February 7th, 2014 issue of the Real Estate section and they also did a video interview with Karyn.

I was excited to be quoted as well. I can now scratch ‘being quoted by The Globe & Mail’…off my bucket list.   “Ms. Reis says the most successful lifestyle videos take a subtle approach to showcase the home’s best features while viewers are caught up in the story. Directors can use artistic pans to show the expanse of an open-concept room, for example, or move in for a close-up on a high-end faucet in the kitchen.”

Six days after The Globe & Mail showed up on set, the suite was sold. The agent had 3 more offers during the Open House and had to turn them down (because she already had an offer on the table). Everyone who popped into the Open House commented on how much they loved the video…and the agent said a few of the visitors looked alarmingly similar to the character in the video.

I’m looking forward to creating more ‘home movies’.



Live. Love. Loft. Lifestyle Video…based on a true story

I’m super excited about the most recent one-bedroom loft that I staged.  I also had the opportunity to produce a lifestyle real estate video for the listing.

It’s based on a true story.  Hope you enjoy it.

Update: This suite sold 4 days after it was listed! The listing agent was blown away that she received 29 groups (not individuals) 29 groups of agents (with their prospective homebuyers) coming through during the Open House.

Between the agent’s site, my site/social media pages and MLS, the video garnered 600+ likes within its premiere week!

Need any more proof…staging + lifestyle videos work!

Live with style,

Lisa Reis

Home Stager| Certified Interior Decorator | Producer, Lifestyle Videos


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